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All classes are suitable for beginners. As long as you can breathe and lie on the floor then you will be able to 'do' my classes.  

My functional yoga classes focus on finding easier, pain free ways to move and transition from floor to standing.  We will look at joint mobility, tension release, building strength and learning how and when to rest.  I will always meet you where you're at and give options when required.  

My woodland class takes place in a beautiful clearing in Ainsdale pinewoods.  Our practice focuses on tuning into the senses and connecting to the environment, maybe even a spot of tree hugging.

My Sunday evening workshops offer the chance to explore a little more deeply into movement, breathwork & relaxation without the time restrictions of a regular one-hour class.  If you can get up and down off the floor then you will be able to 'do' this class. 


Even though COVID restrictions have been lifted, we are now learning how to live with the virus so while I do have blocks and mats to spare I would recommend bringing your own to class.  Obviously if you or anyone in your household is showing symptoms then please stay home. 

I look forward to seeing you and please contact me prior to class if you have any questions.  

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