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All classes are suitable for beginners. As long as you can breathe and lie on the floor then you will be able to 'do' my classes.  


Both functional and therapeutic classes focus on finding easier, pain free ways to move and transition from floor to standing.


The therapeutic class may be for you if you suffer from joint issues or have been advised to try yoga by your GP.  It may also be a way in if you have been scarred (or scared) by a yoga class in the past.  The latter can also be applied to the functional class although in this class there is a greater level of mobility required.  That said, I will always meet you where you're at, and build up to greater movements incrementally so there is always a choice. 

Due to COVID virus still being very much around, I am ensuring that indoor classes have plenty of space and practice good hygiene.  Please wear masks when not on your mat and respect social distances.  I do have mats and blocks to spare if you need them but I would recommend that you use your own if possible.  I have been double vaccinated but you will not be asked to provide any information regarding your own choices.  If you or anyone in your household is showing symptoms then please stay home. 

I look forward to seeing you and please contact me prior to class if you have any questions.  

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