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Class info

All classes are suitable for beginners and, as long as you can breathe and find your way down to the floor you will be able to 'do' yoga.  

My functional yoga classes focus on finding easier, pain free ways to move and transition from floor to standing.  We will look at joint mobility, tension release, building strength and learning how to rest.  I will always meet you where you're at and give options when required.  

My woodland class takes place in a beautiful clearing in Ainsdale pinewoods.  Our practice focuses on tuning into the senses and connecting to the environment, maybe even a spot of tree hugging.

The bi-monthly mini retreats offer a chance to delve further into your practice, dedicating time to find slow, gradual movements exploring relationships within the body.  This is followed by lovely homemade cake and tea and then a long relaxation.  

My pelvic floor class focuses on finding and differentiating between different parts of the pelvic floor, learning how to activate as well as release them so we have greater awareness and control.  Prepare for some aha! moments in this class.

I look forward to seeing you soon and please contact me prior to class if you have any questions.  

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