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Woodland Yoga

Wobbly Tree Yoga

Wobbly Tree Yoga is led by the belief that there is no perfect shape or alignment.

With the advancement of technology we as human beings are becoming desensitised to our surroundings, disassociated from our bodies and more prone to anxiety and stress than ever.  This inevitably has an effect on our mental health. 

As all bodies and the lives they lead are unique, the movement patterns and neural pathways that we develop are also unique.  Blindly following instructions and ignoring the body's instincts and sensations can and does lead to injury.  Learning to move the body safely and mindfully enables us to become more in tune with our bodies and our environment.  


By using the mat as a safe space for self enquiry I teach breathing techniques, mindful movement and relaxation to counteract people's often overstimulated lives.  We can then take these skills off the mat and learn to use them every day.

Through my own self-enquiry I continue to develop my practice and teaching style encouraging students to do the same and to find space away from judgement, competition and expectation


So I invite you to please  feel at ease with your wobbly trees, wonky warriors and bent knees, and hopefully find your true self in the practice of yoga.  


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